What is UGIT?

The Union of Geographic Information Technologists (UGIT) is the nationwide organization representing geographers from public and private sectors and from universities. The UGIT is dynamic on many fronts: from the spreading of geographic research to the backing of geographic education and support with international organizations.

UGIT Functions

a) To enrich, spread and utilization of the spatial technologies. It bridges gap between teachers and researchers of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning. To meet its mission the UGIT takes the following activities:

b) Facilitates communication among geographic technologists (researchers and teachers);

c) Publishes, promotes and develops the use of resource, curriculum, teaching and learning materials;

d) To popularize the Geographical Information Science and its varied applicability among the academicians and educationists in India and in the World;

e) To save mother earth from various geo-eco hazards through the enhancing these technologies;

f) To organize conferences every year, one at national and another at international levels.  This will help the exchange of information and ideas among technologist;

g) Organizes workshops/seminars/symposia and training programmes from local to global perspectives in the areas of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS for the benefit of the students, teachers and researchers from geo-spatial community;

h) Instate five award viz . two Young Scientist Award, two Senior Scientist Award and one Emeritus Scientist Award.  Through this award excellent contribution to the society through the subject field will be recognized, rewarded with citation, medal and Cash prize and his service will enlightened;

i) To publish peer-reviewed research journal comprising research articles in the subject area every once in a year.  This will ascertain the updates on technology and will make it reach every common practitioner.

j) To publish e-journal this is bi-annual in character.  This will be a great impetus for the amateur writers/ researchers for whom this would be a stepping stone for formal research writing.

Member of the UGIT can be

The member of the union shall be any Indian, Non-Residential India of Foreigner who posses a Masters Degree in Geography or any spatial science and is engaged in research, academic activities, N.G.O., or working in any National or Multi-national Corporations.  He/She upon the prescribed payment and submission of necessary documents shall be accepted as a member.  A membership certificate shall be issued for the same.  The union reserves all right to deny membership to any for the reasons of code of conduct. Who can subject to satisfy conditions of the bye –laws of the union can become member.


The source of UGIT comes from membership fees, pattern fees and editorial charges.