Course Enrolment Eligibility Intake Duration
M. Sc. in Geography The Department offers admissions to graduates both from Science and Arts streams with Geography background. 30+2 4 Semesters: 2 Years
M.Sc. in Geographical Information Science (Self-financed scheme) For M.Sc in Geographical Information Science graduates from science, arts & commerce are eligible. 20 4 Semesters: 2 Years (Exit system after 2 semester with Diploma)
Diploma in Geoinformatics (Self-financed scheme) For Diploma in Geoinformatics graduates from science and arts are eligible. The course is of one year with two semesters. 20 2 Semesters: 1 Year
Ph. D. Programme. It has furthered research and development through intensive and comprehensive work in areas of Geography covering the modern scientific and technological developments. 8 Seats per Guide Regular with 3 Years & Part-time with 5 Years
Post-Doctoral Doctoral Degree holders who have received fellowships from UGC / DST also appointed in major Project Work as a PDF Candidate. Based on availability Two to five years